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Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd is an award-winning company that is dedicated to great storytelling. We believe that the creative experience is of paramount importance – from the team that brings the story to life, right through to the finished film.

The company was set up in 2016 to showcase a series of short films. The third of these films, The Adventurer’s Diary, will complete post-production in April 2019. The first two films, Finding Hope and Tides, have won numerous awards and nominations, and MCC Productions Ltd is now launching into feature films, music videos, commercials and documentaries.

Rather than a large 'fixed' team, Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd works with a variety of skilled and independent professionals. This enables us to keep creativity at our core, while ensuring that the directors and producers who join our projects are free to bring in skilled professionals of their choice as well. Please see the pages on our individual projects for information on the great talent we work with.

MCC Productions Ltd also brings together talented newcomers with industry veterans, to create visually compelling, emotionally moving and dramatic storytelling. Why not join us on our journey? We are always looking for creatives & collaborations.

Want to be involved but not in the industry? Well, we are always looking for film enthusiasts for sponsorships to help fund and support our projects in various ways.

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Jean Maye, Managing Director


Jean Maye
Company Director, Producer & Screenwriter

JeanJean comes from a background in Local Authority social care. Past roles have also included work in prisons, hospices, fostering, adoption and child protection. A published and best-selling author in this field, her creative writing skills are also supported by a varied range of qualifications including a summer course at Oxford University in ‘Writing for Radio’, a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Kingston University in 2012 and a Producers Foundation Certificate, presented by Raindance in 2014.

She also frequently attends screenwriting seminars and workshops and uses experienced script editors in the industry such as Linda Seger and Yvonne Grace, and in her spare time supports prisoners on Death Row in Texas.

Jean is represented by Roger Carey Associates.





Screenwriting credits:

  • Finding Hope (March 2017)
  • Shadows' End Film Trailer (Feature in progress)
  • Tides (November 2017)
  • The Adventurer's Diary (2019, in post-production)

Screenwriting awards:

Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019Independent Horror Movie Awards 2019OnirosUpstate NYQueen PalmQueen Palm Bronze

Shadows’ End

  • Fade In Annual First Ten Pages Screenwriting/Film Awards (31st December 2018) – Award Winner
  • CKF International Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Queen Palm International Film (April 2019) – Silver Award for Best Dialogue
  • Austin After Dark Film Festival (September 2019) – Official Selection

The Adventurer’s Diary (Short Screenplay)

  • Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition – Semi-finalist
  • Creative Worlds Awards (August 2018) – Quarter-Finalist
  • Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (August 2018) – Quarter-Finalist
  • Screencraft Film Fund screenwriting competition (2018) – Quarter-Finalist
  • Austin Film Screenwriting Festival (2017) – Placed out of 9,487 scripts to 'SECOND ROUNDERS.'
  • W.I.N.D (2017) Semi-Finalist – Best Short Script
  • Oniros Film Awards Monthly Edition (September 2019) – Official Selection

Finding Hope (Short Screenplay)

  • Short Stop International Screenwriting Festival (June 2018) – 2nd Runner up
  • Oniros Film Awards (April 2018) – Best Written & Produced
  • One Stop International Film Festival (2017) – Winner


  • CKF International Film Festival (March 2019) – Best Screenwriter of the Month
  • Festigious Film & Screenwriting Festival (3rd May 2019) – Award Winner - Best Short Script
  • Script Summit Screenplay Competitions (2019) – Official Selection
  • PAGE International Screenwriting awards (July 2019) – Quarterfinalist - making the top 10% of 7,200 entries
  • Creative World Awards (August 2019) – Semi-finalist


  • Richmond International Film Festival (RIFF): Feature Screenplays and Teleplays category (January 2019) – Quarter-Finalist
  • Horror Hotel International Film & Screenwriting Competition (17th April 2019) – Best Script (Honourable)
  • Independent Horror Movie Awards (6th May 2019) – Selected; finals in January 2020
  • Creative World Awards (August 2019) – Semi-finalist

The Pumpkin Room

  • Independent Horror Movie Awards (September 2019) – Winner Nominees (Winners to be announced 31st January 2020)
  • Upstate NY Horror Film Festival 2019 (September 2019) – Finalist (Winner to be announced 26th October 2019)
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival First Quarter 2020 – Winner for Best Dialogue and Short Script
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival First Quarter 2020 – Bronze Winner for Best short script

Producer credits:


  • Out of the Can Film Festival (2018) – Best Producer
  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (2019) – Best Producer
  • Hollywood Moving Pictures Film Festival (November 2018) – Best Producer
  • Out of the Can Film Festival (2018) – Best Producer
  • BREAK OUT SHORTS (March 2019) – Semi-finalist
  • Oniros Film Awards (7th May 2018) – Best Written & Produced Finalist

Finding Hope

  • W.I.N.D.: Best Rising Star Producer (2017)

Shadows’ End Film Trailer (2014)

The Adventurer's Diary (2018-19)


Jamie Lee-Hill
Actor & Producer

JamieJamie Lee-Hill hopes to work on future projects with Jean as a co-producer subject to his availability as an actor.

Jamie Lee-Hill was handpicked by Oscar nominated director Thomas Vinterberg (The Hunt) to play the Part of Laban Tall in Far From the Madding Crowd alongside Carey Mulligan. Jamie trained at Dorset School of Acting. He is a versatile actor who started in theatre and now works predominantly in film and television. Known for committing roles with emotional intensity, stage work includes a nomination for Best Actor at the New Forest Drama Festival for playing Horst in Martin Sherman’s Bent, and performances at the prestigious Poole Lighthouse in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Jamie has over forty film credits. He appears alongside Bonnie Wright (Harry Potter’s Ginny Weasley) in the children’s film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? The movie made the official selection of the BFI at the London Film Festival. Jamie won best actor at the Creation International Film Festival in Toronto for Flawless, and was nominated at Focus International film festival for best supporting actor by a celebrity jury for his role in Gender. Jamie co-produced and acted in the similarly named Faithless, starring Sean Gilder, and several other established British screen actors. The film was very well received when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Jamie is currently producing the feature film Cowboys Can Fly, and is writing and developing several other projects. Recently he played a Stasi surveillance officer in a cold war thriller, Cheating Charlie, set in Berlin in the 1960s. Jamie has been booked for several further feature films including lead roles.





Agent: Elaine Eaglestone - 07837 898793

Dan Tonkin
Freelance Screenwriter

DanDan Tonkin is currently working overseas but hopes to be involved in future projects. He is currently taking freelance work as a script editor under his own company until his return to the UK.

Dan has worked for many years as a freelancer and as an independent filmmaker. He was born in the East Midlands, with an upbringing that took him from London to Hong Kong and an international boarding school in Surrey. He is proud of his multi-cultural childhood, which has proved a great tool in his stories and networking. Graduating from Ealing Studios Met Film School in 2008, he returned to education at Bournemouth, where he also received a leadership commendation and an MA in cinematography.

With plenty of field experience under his belt, Dan became concerned that higher education did little to educate younger filmmakers about the road ahead. He was determined to make a difference and soon began mentoring and volunteering across many projects in various capacities, from scriptwriting and producing, to directing, cinematography and editing. In 2017, he and the group he was mentoring received a Royal Television Society award nomination.

Devoted to helping other underdogs tackle the challenges of filmmaking, Dan has always fought to make projects the best they can be, placing great emphasis on building the potential of the people he works with, and taking them under his wing in a network he calls his ‘DanFam’.

Upon his return to the UK after teaching in Vietnam & Paraguay, he met Jean Maye at a film festival in his home town in Derby. Recognising their common ground and shared goals, he decided that joining Mouse Chased Cat Productions on a freelance basis in 2019 would make good sense for the future of developing stories and content together.




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